Overles manufacture and commercialize windows, doors and sliding doors in wood, wood aluminum, wood bronze, aluminum, and PVC for the residential and commercial construction, shutters, security systems, amour plated doors, entry doors and exterior structures



Overles manufactures and sales high quality custom doors and windows and is a brand reference for homeowners architects, and builders. Technological innovation in production system and products design have been a combination of tradition and performance. We offer Italian and European customers a wide range of product options which cover the most different technical and aesthetic requirements. As a result of the close cooperation with profile manufacturers, Overles creates its own production of PVC doors and windows with a large range of product solutions.



Overles continuously update and improve its production through investments in technology and design. The innovation which is not limited to machinery and technology, but also from the high expertise of the new professional figures hiresd by Overles, as engineers and architects who contribute in making Overles an undiscussed creative and reliable leader in the market.


Windows and doors produced by Overles deliver high acoustic and thermal performance, essential for low environmental impact construction and controlled energy efficiency. Overles cares about the environment by using throughout its production and distribution process mostly low environmental impact materials which are eco- friendly.