Overles manufacture and commercialize windows, doors and sliding doors in wood, wood aluminum, wood bronze, aluminum, and PVC for the residential and commercial construction, shutters, security systems, amour plated doors, entry doors and exterior structures


Windows in Aluminium – Alumil S60 Zero

Doors and Windows made with open joint system with thermal break aluminum profile; the profiles in extruded aluminum alloy ideal for anodizing treatments and painting; the profile’s thermal break is obtained through the insertion of 38 mm special strengthened polyamide bars for frames and 34mm for sash, both filled with polyurethane insulation, interposed between the two metallic elements, mechanically pressed. The frames are assembled with sealant system through heavy aluminum angular brackets that guarantee functional stability and ensure the necessary resistance to strains.
The Alumil S60 for sash can be in four different shapes: squared, rounded, blunted, stylized.

frame thickness mm 76,5 or 3 1/64 Inches.
sash thickness mm 84 or 3 5/16 Inches.

Sealing profile triple frame, triple seal in EPDM; the open joint holding seal is assembled with vulcanized corners, also in EPDM. Drainage of the window insured by slots practiced within the lower cross of the frameworks and external holes covered by caps; thermal break threshold in aluminum and polyamide (h=18mm) on door-window.

Closing hardware for tilt and turn Windows. Hinges with stainless steel pins and strengthens polyamide bushings; the sliding elements, including the angular transmissions and connecting bars are equipped with anti-friction pads in synthetic material. Standard safety devices are also installed, door lifting, anti-draft during tilt opening, and micro-ventilation.

Standard double pane, single chamber, low emissivity glass and argon gas with aluminum spacer or on request “warm edge”; internal and/or external glass sheets, tempered or laminated as per requirements set by the standards UNI 7697:2015; it is possible to add double pane double chamber with thickness not exceeding 62 mm or 2 7/16 Inches.

The profiles can be painted or oxidized according to the colors provided for; the painted profiles are made according to the quality standards set by QUALICOAT o RAL-GSB, while the oxidized profiles are treated according to the quality standards set by the mark of quality EURAS-EWAA QUALANOD.