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Lift and Slide Over 68 Panorama

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Lift and Slide – Alzante Over 68 Panorama

PANORAMA is characterized by a whole glass window fixed part; the glass is directly fixed to the perimetral frame with glazing bead profile provided with gaskets.
Realized in glulam consisting of 3 or more layers, both for frame and sash, glued with class D4 glue according to the requirement of the standard regulation EN204. The boards forming the laminated profile can be solid or jointed through finger-joint system depending on its field of application or the articles technical specifications. The central section of Panorama system is made with wooden profiles inserted into aluminum profiles, with integrated seals type Uni-V for an better sealing even under heavy wind pressures.

Fixed frame mm 164 x 56 or 6” 29/64 x 2” 13/64.
Operable door mm 74 x 68 or 2” 29/32 x 2” 43/64 on three sides, bottom part mm 100 x 68 or 3” 15/16 x 2” 43/64.

Closed profile exteriorgasket, interior and central gasket whit flap. Threshould option between “Base” binary and “Climatech” in pultruded fiberglass.

The hardware consists of top and bottom rails in which run wheeled trolleys fitted on ball bearings with a standard load capacity of 300 kg, or strengthened with load capacity up to 400 kg.
The movement of the sash doors is operated through a leverage system which allow through the rotation of the handle such as to enable the leaf lifting and sliding.
The closure is ensured by locking devices located in vertical and horizontal side matching the mobile leaf.

Double pane, single chamber, low emission glass type plus gas argon and aluminum spacer or on request “warm edge”;
internal and/or external glass sheets, tempered or stratified as per minimum requirements set by the standards UNI 7697:2015;
it is possible to insert triple pane with double chamber with a thickness that does not exceed 34mm.

Surface treatment of the wood with acrylic based resins in water emulsion; the application cycle varies from three to six layers depending on the finish and the duration requested.