Overles manufacture and commercialize windows, doors and sliding doors in wood, wood aluminum, wood bronze, aluminum, and PVC for the residential and commercial construction, shutters, security systems, amour plated doors, entry doors and exterior structures



PVC Door and Windows made with profile “Rehau” 6 chambers; both fixed frame and sash have the distinctive trait in having full armor without steel supports which allows to reach an unrivaled stability as they are made of hi-tech material in composite fiber to give resistance ad durability throughout time, and an external layer coextruded in RAU-PVC.

Fixed frame section 86 x 72 mm or 3” 25/64 x 2” 53/64.
Operable door section mm 86 x 77 or 3” 25/64 x 3” 1/32.

Triple stop hold profile, triple gasket; glazing bead can be chosen among two different forms: rounded, squared; drainage of the window insured by holes practiced within the inferior cross of the frameworks and external holes covered by caps, thermal break threshold (h=24mm) on door-window.

Supporting and closure hardware in anticorrosive steel in normal conditions of use, treatment called “RotoSil Nano” where the basic material is galvanized, then it receives a passivation with nano-particles and later treated to give a pleasant opaque silver color effect, applied in “12 mm air space” is made-up of a corner hinge with micrometric regulation in the three directions, stopping-cams with multiple closure points and respective safety encounters, single lever latch on double-door; tilt and turn standard opening equipped with safety device, and on request micro-ventilation device operable with a 45° handle position.

Double pane, single chamber, low emission glass type plus gas argon and aluminum spacer type “warm edge”; internal and/or external glass sheets, tempered or stratified as per minimum requirements set by the standards UNI 7697:2015; it is possible to insert triple pane with double chamber with a thickness that does not exceed 48 mm.

The profiles can be mass colored or film coated, the coating of the profiles surface is obtained through hot gluing of an acrylic film resistant to sunlight and abrasion, these films can be in Ral color or wood decoration.