Overles manufacture and commercialize windows, doors and sliding doors in wood, wood aluminum, wood bronze, aluminum, and PVC for the residential and commercial construction, shutters, security systems, amour plated doors, entry doors and exterior structures



The PVC window and doors combines functionality and safety, innovation and design. PVC windows and doors significantly reduce building management costs since the profile structure with chambers and gaskets allows to reach a high thermal insulation value.In living spaces particularly exposed to noise pollution, the PVC windows allow to meet specific soundproofing requirements and with the installation of special insulating glass it is possible to obtain excellent levels of soundproofing.
PVC respects the environment as it is completely recyclable. PVC windows and doors are available in different burglar resistance classes, depending on the specific needs.
PVC windows are made to last over time and offer exceptional resistance to adverse weather conditions. Another important feature its it self-extinguishing properties, which in case of fire the product does not propagate the flame thus ensuring a high level of safety.