Overles manufacture and commercialize windows, doors and sliding doors in wood, wood aluminum, wood bronze, aluminum, and PVC for the residential and commercial construction, shutters, security systems, amour plated doors, entry doors and exterior structures



Professional personal is available to guide you in the comprehension and choice of the right product for your home. As a result a detail and transparent offer will be presented to ensure the clarity of the service and relationship being started.

As per our Commercial Mission, we at Overles offer quality even when we are proposing savings solutions.


Initial consultation for the right and conscious choice.


Trained professional will provide installation for your windows and doors.


Personalized and free offers, exhaustive and transparent.


Overles Administrative department will support you in financing and fiscal rebates filings.


Trained personel for custom projects.


Overles professionals is available for suggestion and guidance on the maintanance and durability of your windows and doors even after installation is completed.


Overles warranties the extraordinary quality and long duration of its products according to over 40 years experience in the market. To protect a home well being it also means to warranty the quality and performance throughout time of your windows and doors.
Overles provides windows and doors with written warranty according the following terms and conditions:

10 Years – Windows functionality warranty
10 Years – Insulated Glass Unit seal faluire.
10 Years – Delamination of the Engineer wood profile and wood-aluminum warranty


Wood protection enhanced with water based varnish. Accurately selected based on its response to climatic factors in order to continuously better its elastic capability and adherence to the wood in order to increase its durability and beauty.
Constantly verified at the most sophisticated laboratories of the suppliers companies, the samples of varnished wood are put through cycles of artificial accelerated aging, as by exposing it in a natural environment in extremely critical conditions in order to test its resistance throughout time.
Soft as leather, transparent as the water they are composed of, colorful as the nature they are friends with, they protect and enhance the natural beauty of the wood.


Growth of know-how to expand and improve the products and services we offer, to keep pace with the times and deal with constant evolving market, represent the spirit that inspire our Research and Development division (R&D).

A department constantly engaged in new projects at national and European level, monitoring the evolution of the competition and current innovation trends, seeking the best production practices and designs of new product solutions, while maintaining a constant attention to design, safety, sustainability, and the performance characteristics of each product.
Research and development Division activities also focus on constant improvement, evaluating the opportunity of interventions and investment allowing to optimize costs and production times and processes.